Distributed Energy Storage - Finding the Right Fit


Batteries, Flow-Batteries, Ultra-capacitors, Fuel Cells, Biogas, Hybrids


Liquids, Phase Change Materials (PCM), Solids, Cryogenics


Flywheel, Compressed Air, Pumped Hydro, Other Kinetic

Smart Energy Storage and Inverter Systems

Small Sized. Stackable 5-15KW; 5-20 KWh

All-in-one easy configuration and easy to wire. 

Eight (8) programmable modes.

With-Without Grid-Tie; With-Without PV; Backup generator connections

Smart Hybrid Inverter

5-15 KW stackable.

All-in-one configuration Panel.

Eight (8) programmable modes.

Adaptable to any 48 V Battery (AGM, GEL, LFP, LiON, Others).


1 - 5 KW daisy chain scalability.

Grid-Tie or Off-Grid

Pico/Nano/Mircro-grid Solutions

Supports 48V batteries

Can serve small appliances