Who We Are

Providers of smart energy solutions (across many verticals) with a focus on retrofit, scalable, quick ROI, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and last-mile (distributed & discretized) architecture. 

Our Approach

We work with clients, their asset managers/engineers. Our differentiated details focuses on retrofits for quick payback.

Our Alliances & Partnerships

Non-traditional partnership/channels offer the best business prospects and ideas for us. We scout the world for such select technologies.

Who We Aren't

We are not a Project Manager, EPC contractor or a product manufacturer. We offer select third-party products as a value added reseller. 

Our Service Segment

We cater to industrial, commercial & municipal customers, advise SMEs in their technology development and assist academia in their applied research efforts. 

Our Interest in Emerging Markets

Our best challenges have come from emerging markets, in hot, sticky climates with limited resources and affordability. 

Smart Energy Advisory Services

Smart Grid


DER integration, distributed energy storage

Power Quality, Short circuit mitigation, PMUs, 

DER Hosting capacity

Smart Cities


Mapping technology to community objectives

Resilient energy infrastructure

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Clean Urban Transportation



Grid Infrastructure impact

Optimization of routes, vehicle battery, chargers

Cost-Benefit Analysis (TCO and NPV)

Public fleet (Buses, taxis, 3-wheelers, ferries)

Energy Efficiency


Energy savings (HVAC-R, Lighting), load control

Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV)

Retrofits, immediate savings, ROI (1-3 years)

Rural Energy Access


Pico/Nano/Micro grids and Off-Grid systems

Amenities beyond light bulbs

Energy for economic and health development

Research & Development


Thought Leadership on complex matters

Assist Academia in industrial R&D, new Centers

Assist SMEs in product development & markets

Thematic Clusters

Rural Community Power


Off-grid/Grid-tied Renewables, Nano/Pico Grid

Energy Storage, Small Generation, Appliances

Mobile Solar PV for Agro and irrigation

Community Thermal Energy


Municipal and Organic Waste to Energy

Biomass, biogas and CSP to heat

Thermal heat store

Energy Storage


Chemical, Mechanical, Cryogenics, Air

Optimized sizing for RE, Grid and EV charging

Grid, Industrial, Community applications in smart energy

Equatorial Geographies


High climate change impact - hot climate, water scarcity, high cost of fuel, high electricity costs. Off-grid power necessities.

Behind the Meter


Technology (Rooftop PV, ESS, IoT, Blockchain)

Customer Choice and empowerment

PV cost falling below grid parity

Risk Assessment


ROI risk due to technology, product design and systems architecture. Regulatory and utility financial risks. Off-balance sheet financing.