Off-Grid Rural Energy Access

Scalable Community Network


The Pico/Nano grid architecture must scale up seamlessly as the load grows.

Beyond Light Bulbs


Rural energy access should cater to safe drinking water, health, sanitation, and education needs.

Value Added Agro Services


Give rural residents a reason to do business with you while improving their well-being.

Rural Energy Solutions

Smart Pico/Nano Grid Inverter


Solar-PV, Battery, Wind, pico-hydel sources; 1.2 KW unit;4 x 300W DC inputs (15-48V) with individual MPPT;  Dual AC output voltages (120-240V) 50/60 Hz.; Can be daisy chained easily for higher power; Can be grid-tied if required.

Off-Grid Agro Appliances


Rice Huller and Polisher, Corn Huller, Coconut Grater, Cassava Grater. Direct Solar (intermittent) or Battery for 4-8 hour operations.

Solar PV Hot Water


225 litres (60 gallons) hot water for safe-drinking (pre-boiled), bathing, cooking, washing, etc. Can serve as a community hot water provision.

Energy Efficient DC Appliances


Ultra low power DC compressor. Off-Grid DC power with Solar-PV and charge controller.

Small Cooking Stoves


Biomass, Solar, Infrared 

Electric (100W-1400W)

Biomass (up to 20,000 BTU/h)

Mobile Solar Irrigation Pump


Up to 7kW; Tractor flatbed mount pump-motor; All-in one - charge controller, inverter, variable frequency drive; Optional Lithium Batteries