HVAC-R Energy Savings

Dx Unit Retrofit Controller


Individual Dx  HVAC-R units having single & dual compressors. Retrofit in 30-45 minutes. Involves simple control wiring changes only (not power circuit). Energy savings 15-25% with potential demand charge savings.

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WiFi Enabled Sensors


Significant reduction in wiring during layout changes. WiFi connection to cloud, internet, wire, BACnet or local AHUs.

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Demand Controlled Ventillation


Real-time CO2 feedback control to AHU. Variable occupancy energy savings. Over-ventilation energy savings. Multiple uses - indoor garages, commercial and industrial

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Ultra Efficient Split A/C


Ultra low power DC Compressor. Optional Solar-PV or Solar-thermal assist. Grid-tied or Off-Grid models. High EER > 14.5 (BTU/h/W) or >5.3 (W/W);

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Ultra Efficient Refrig. & Freezer


Ultra Low power DC compressor (70-110 watts). Optional Solar-PV assist. Grid-tied or Off-Grid.

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Ultra Eff. Rural DC Appliances


Ultra low power DC compressor. Off-Grid DC power with Solar-PV and charge controller.

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